Academic Consortium

A fundamental goal of the Fusion Studio is to disseminate best practices in teaching and learning in the domain of live entertainment and engineering. In support of this goal, the Fusion Studio aims to develop a consortium of like-minded peer institutions that are advancing teaching and learning in this area. Member institutions will provide financial and personnel support for the Fusion Studio and its initiatives while receiving several benefits as part of their membership.

Member institutions will:

  • Pay an annual membership fee
  • Provide faculty/staff to serve as peer reviewers for the annual Symposium on Education in Entertainment and Engineering
  • Provide faculty/staff as subject matter experts to serve as respondents/panelists/presenters at Fusion Studio events and as part of accreditation processes supported by the Fusion Studio.

In exchange, member institutions will receive:

  • Early access to scholarly work generated by Fusion Studio initiatives
  • Early access to registration for Fusion Studio events
  • Shared branding at select Fusion Studio sponsored events and initiatives
  • The opportunity to co-host the annual Symposium on Education in Entertainment and Engineering in even numbered years
  • Other benefits as the Fusion Studio expands its initiatives and events.

Full membership details are available upon request.

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