Industry Innovation Council

To support the mission to connect industry leaders with scholars and practitioners, the Fusion Studio will work closely with an Industry Innovation Council comprised of key industry stakeholders in the entertainment and engineering fields. The Industry Innovation Council will perform five major functions:

  • Guide
    The perspective and insights industry stakeholders provide on hiring trends, technology advancements, and the industry in general are necessary to ensuring the Fusion Studio remains agile and responsive, and will help guide its strategic emphasis.
  • Advise
    These same industry perspectives will be essential for periodic review of the Fusion Studio’s outreach initiatives and curricula supported by the Fusion Studio.
  • Provide Personnel
    The Fusion Studio will depend on Industry Innovation Council member institutions to provide industry-based subject matter experts as respondents and panelists for outreach programs (including the Stage Machine Design Competition and the Symposium on Education in Entertainment and Engineering). Additionally, as the Fusion Studio becomes a source for expertise in accreditation and program assessment, it will rely on these member institutions to provide experts for these assessment processes at Purdue and beyond.
  • Disseminate and Share
    Member institutions will provide a key pathway for the movement of scholarship to practice. The center will rely upon external contacts for connecting instructors and academic programs (at Purdue and beyond) to industry; for connecting students with internships; with disseminating developments driven by and connected to the center to industry.
  • Funding Support
    By becoming a member of the Industry Innovation Council, institutions support the outreach initiatives of the Fusion Studio. Opportunities to join the Industry Innovation Council will be available at multiple funding levels.

Industry Innovation Council Members will:

  • Pay an annual membership fee
  • Gain early access to scholarly work generated by Fusion Studio initiatives
  • Gain early access to registration for Fusion Studio events
  • Serve as an advisory member to the Fusion Studio, providing suggestions for events and initiatives
  • Connect with Fusion Studio – sponsored students and student organizations, and participate in student – focused events

At the highest sponsorship levels, benefits may include participation in an Expert in Residence program and more.

More information about becoming a part of the Industry Innovation Council is available by request.

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