Outreach Initiatives

Annual Symposium on Education in Entertainment and Engineering

The Symposium on Education in Entertainment and Engineering highlights advances, challenges, and trends in curricular design, instructional design, academic research, and cross-disciplinary work related to the intersection of engineering and live entertainment. 

Annual Stage Machine Design Competition

The Stage Machine Design Competition brings together theatre technology students from colleges and universities to share the excitement of designing and building the machines that bring stage effects to life. The competition celebrates the design journey that leads from inception to prototype and seeks to inspire the next generation of mechanical designers and engineers who will invent new experiences for live entertainment.

First Fridays @ Fusion Studio

First Fridays @ Fusion Studio are one-hour workshops aimed to provide a monthly opportunity to discuss emerging trends in technology in the entertainment industry, engage with industry experts and practitioners, and explore scholarly works.

BGR Entertainment Challenge

The BGR Entertainment Challenge offers Purdue students and faculty an opportunity to foster novel pedagogy, research, and applied science at the nexus of engineering and entertainment.