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Interests/expertise: Host-microbiome interactions in human health and disease, sexual dimorphism, nutrition, dietary intervention.

Tzu-Wen Cross

Assistant Professor, Nutrition Science

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Cross Lab Directory

Abhinoraseth, ArnirujUndergraduate
Clapp, AnnaGraduate
Sotelo, StephanieUndergraduate
Vanamala, Anjali JoiUndergraduate
Zhang, PengjunGraduate

Interests/expertise: Insect microbial ecology, plant-insect-microbe interactions, genomics, applied evolutionary entomology, vector biology, population genetics

Laramy Enders

Assistant Professor, Entomology

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Enders Lab Directory

Duvanenko, NatalieUndergraduate
Schofield, KylieResearch

Interests/expertise: Synthetic biology, biological controllers, microbiome engineering

Leo Green

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Green Lab Directory

Dankwa, DerrickGraduate

Interests/expertise: Food animal/livestock microbiome as relates to nutrition & health, antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance, microbial ecology

Timothy Johnson

Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences

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Johnson Lab Directory

Centeno Martinez, Eunice Graduate
Chang, TiffanyUndergraduate
Ellis, AudreyGraduate
Long, EricaUndergraduate
Nooshan Mir Mohammad Ali, SeyedehGraduate
Oladele, PaulGraduate

Interests/expertise: Dietary fiber structure influences on microbiome structure and function, microbiome influences on host health, division of labor in microbial communities (especially with respect to polysaccharide consumption), microbial ecology theory, species-resolved metagenomics and genome-enabled ‘omics approaches to microbiomes

Stephen Lindemann

Associate Professor, Food and Nutrition Sciences

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Lindemann Lab Directory

Alvarez, Miguel Graduate
Baruah, RwivooPostdoctoral
Bhattarai, SajalGraduate
Brock, KierraUndergraduate
Crisan, Carina MariaUndergraduate
Deemer, DaneProject
Eck, EleanorUndergraduate
Errihani, Youssef AdamUndergraduate
Gutierrez Pionce, DenisseGraduate
Guzman Sanchez, MarianaGraduate
Jackson, PeterPostdoctoral
Kreunen, SkylerUndergraduate
Nguyen, MaiGraduate
Petrusson, WilliamUndergraduate
Pujari, AnuragGraduate
Quinn, AdamGraduate
Raghunath, RajsriGraduate
Ransford, MaddieUndergraduate
Schneider, HudsonUndergraduate
Wang, YuxinLead Computational
Yao, TianmingPostdoctoral

Interests/expertise: Basic, molecular biology and ‘omic techniques are used to gain a better understanding of the adaptation of environmental microorganisms to perturbed ecosystems. Microbial analyses range from examination of the entire community to the identification and tracking of specific bacteria and genes. Perturbed ecosystems currently being studied are human/animal guts, stream and lake water exposed to urban and rural inputs, and agricultural fields subjected to different agronomic practices.

Cindy Nakatsu

Professor, Agronomy

Interests/expertise: aquatic ecology, drinking water safety; pathogen tracing; rapid microbiome characterization

Caitlin Proctor

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Proctor Lab Directory

Ceglio, DanielUndergraduate
Del Angel, JorgeGraduate
Duffy, GavinUndergraduate
Ehde, Aliya B.Graduate
Fleming, CatieUndergraduate
Spicuzza, EmilyGraduate
Wei, RuthUndergraduate
Whitaker, MadelynUndergraduate

Interests/expertise: Field-deployable biosensors, in vitro models of microbiomes

Mohit Verma

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

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Verma Lab Directory

Abbas, Naseem Postdoctoral
Athalye, Shreya Graduate
Bajpai, Ishaan Undergraduate
Balasamy, RajeshUndergraduate
Bayram, AbdullahPostdoctoral
Benschikovski, Ilan Undergraduate
Blankenberger, AmandaUndergraduate
Bran Ortiz, Laura Undergraduate
Davidson, JosiahGraduate  
Hans, JennaUndergraduate
Kamel, MohamedPostdoctoral
Kaur, SimerdeepGraduate
Kayabasi, Ashley Undergraduate
Klaassen, ConnorUndergraduate
Kleiner, RussellUndergraduate
Kumar, VirendraPostdoctoral
Lalit, DishaUndergraduate
Mayorga, CindyGraduate
McGuire, ZacharyProfessional
Nikolaou, TheopistiUndergraduate
Palla, GopalPostdoctoral
Ra, Kyungyeon Postdoctoral
Rafiq, NafisaGraduate
Rath, Ishaan Undergraduate
Raut, Bibek Graduate
Ruge, BrandonUndergraduate
Slabach, HannahUndergraduate
Wang, JiangshanGraduate

Interests/expertise: Microbial ecology, bioinformatics, surface ecology, decomposition, plant symbioses, biogeochemistry, soil biology, stable isotope probing

Roland (Roli) Wilhelm

Assistant Professor, Agronomy

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Wilhelm Lab Directory

Doty, RyanGraduate
Elango, ArvalGraduate
Machado, TulioGraduate
Thurgood, TreverGraduate

Interests/expertise: Microbial metabolism, nutrition, social equity, health disparities

Patricia (Patty) Wolf

Assistant Professor, Nutrition Science

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Wolf Lab Directory

Buobu, Pius SarfoGraduate
Sayovitz, KaliUndergraduate