Purdue Puentes Project

Para salud, Para bienestar, Para nuestro futuro

Building Paths to Better Futures for Youth of Latine Rural, Farm Worker, or Agricultural Families

The Purdue Puentes Project is a longitudinal study of the health and wellbeing of Latine youth (ages 10-15) in rural, farm worker, or agricultural worker families funded by the National Institute on Minority Health Disparities (NIMHD). The project is headed by Dr. Yumary Ruiz in the department of Public Health and Dr. Zoe Taylor in the department of Human Development and Family Science at Purdue University.

The study aims to learn about the well-being, stressors, challenges, and strengths of youth in rural, farmworker, or agricultural families. Specifically, this study aims to identify sources of resilience that can be used to promote health, school success and positive change for rural Latine youth.

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