Boiler Gold Rush Entertainment Challenge

What is the BGR Entertainment Challenge?

The Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) Entertainment Challenge, in collaboration with Orientation Programs and supported in part by the Provost’s Office, provides mini-grant seed support for faculty or students whose research efforts lend themselves toward the creation of interactive/performative technology installations on campus during Boiler Gold Rush, Purdue’s week-long new-student orientation event. Grants of up to $3,000 are offered each year to select proposals that integrate technology, art, and performance in novel ways, with preference given to proposals that offer the possibility of scaling to a larger spectacle, event or pedagogical framework.

BGR Entertainment Challenge projects are opportunities for faculty and students to explore engaging ways of sharing their research with the university campus, in particular to students new to Purdue. During the Boiler Gold Rush experience, new students have opportunities to interact with BGR Entertainment Challenge projects, learning more about the research behind them and perhaps discovering novel ways to combine their multiple interests in their studies at Purdue, from dance and computer programming, neuroscience and projections design, or Pokémon and animal science.

Proposals for BGR Entertainment Challenge projects are accepted in the Fall semester each year. Selected projects are awarded funding in the following January and are expected to be completed for installation during the Boiler Gold Rush in the following August.

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Past BGR Entertainment Challenge Projects

A Journey Through Purdue (The Mini Bell Tower Project), 2022

Along Centennial Mall

A Warm Glow, 2022

Purdue Memorial Mall

Mobile Interactive Experience, 2023

Mennen Lobby, Pao Hall

Go, Grow, Glow, 2023

Purdue Memorial Union Lawn

STEM in the Palm of Your Hand, 2023

Cordova Recreational Sports Center

A Game of Telephone, 2023

Krach Leadership Center