Center for Families announces 2024 Funding Recipients

Lorene Burkhart Award for Excellence in Research about Families

Sarah Eason, PhD, Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Science, College of Health and Human Sciences

Family Math Engagement in Rural Families

Eason, S. H., Leech, K. A., Anderson, K. L., & Pedonti, S. (2023). Family math engagement with preschoolers in rural contexts. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 89, 101600.

Nasreen Lalani, PhD, Assistant Professor of Nursing, College of Health and Human Sciences

Palliative Care Needs and Preferences of Older Adults with Advanced or Serious Chronic Illnesses and Their Families in Rural Communities of Indiana

Lalani, N., Hamash, K., & Wang, Y. (2024). Palliative care needs and preferences of older adults with advanced or serious chronic illnesses and their families in rural communities of Indiana, USA. The Journal of Rural Health, 40(2), 368-375.


2024 Faculty Awards

Center for Families Faculty Fellowship

Leanne Nieforth, PhD, Comparative Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine to support: A Multi-Modal, Multi-Informant Approach to Determine the Perceived Influence of Psychiatric Assistance Dogs for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on Military Families.

Bob L. and Joyce Beery Miles Research Enhancement Grant

AJ Schwichtenberg, PhD, Human Development and Family Science, to support the work of Psychological Sciences undergraduate, Carlos Guzman-Garcia: Do Girls with ADHD Present with More Sleep Problems?

2024 Graduate Student Awards

Family Research Grant

Inga Nordgren, Human Development and Family Science: Inter-University Collaboration on the Advancing Insight into Maternal Social Support Project. (Advisor: Rob Duncan, PhD, HDFS)

Studorschka Interdisciplinary Grant

Ivan Mendoza, Human Development and Family Science: Examining the Effect of Parenting on Children’s Response to Digital Food Advertisements. (Advisors: Kameron Moding, PhD, HDFS, and Richard Mattes, PhD, Nutrition Science)

Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth Graduate Student Research Recognition

Muskan Datta, Human Development and Family Science: Examining the Role of Couples’ Ineffective Arguing on Effect of Parental PTSD Symptoms on Children’s Externalizing Behaviors in Military Families. (Advisor: Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, PhD, HDFS)