Ways to support the Center for Families

Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes it possible for the center to be involved in innovative projects that impact individuals and families. Donors make it possible for the center to be truly innovative. Gifts provide the center with the freedom to join partnerships without having to wait months for decisions from funding sources. They make it possible for the center to become involved in innovative projects when grants aren’t yet being made, allowing the development of a track record of success. Additionally, donors’ gifts provide resources that can be leveraged to bring in additional funding.

Some of the center’s most successful projects have originated from outside donors, including the Military Family Research Institute. We would be happy to discuss ideas you might have to support families. We hope you will invest in our ability to innovate.

It started by answering a question.

In 1994, Purdue alumna Lorene Burkhart and a group of advocates worked to bring about change at Purdue – an interdisciplinary approach to research about families. Not just a department, but a community. Their actions ensured the center’s longevity for future generations. We are able to pursue projects when grants aren’t possible. The Center for Families still creates a patchwork of projects that serve to improve the quality of life for families in all their diverse forms.