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Ways to support the Center for Families

Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes it possible for the center to be involved in innovative projects that impact individuals and families. Donors make it possible for the center to be truly innovative. Gifts provide the center with the freedom to join partnerships without having to wait months for decisions from funding sources. They make it possible for the center to become involved in innovative projects when grants aren’t yet being made, allowing the development of a track record of success. Additionally, donors’ gifts provide resources that can be leveraged to bring in additional funding.

Some of the center’s most successful projects have originated from outside donors, including the Military Family Research Institute. We would be happy to discuss ideas you might have to support families. We hope you will invest in our ability to innovate.

Contact Christy Harrison, at Purdue for Life, to discuss all of the possibilities!

Giving Opportunities to Celebrate 30 Years!

CFF Advocates – 30in30!
The Center for Families is recruiting its newest advocates! With gratitude to many generous individuals, CFF has been able to support family research that addresses changing needs of families and facilitates their significant contributions society for 30 years. Advocates ensure the work of the Center will address current needs and issues families are facing and identify resources to help strengthen all families. With a gift of $10,000, you help ensure the work of the center will be supported for the next 30 years.

Naming the Faculty Research Fellowship
A gift will allow a faculty member at Purdue to share their research expertise in direct support of a specific initiative of the Center for Families. Research Fellows will dedicate their time and effort in advancing current work within the Center for Families. 

Naming the Directorships
A $2 or $1 million gift will name the director or an associate director. These key leaders are important to overseeing operations and supporting the many projects and initiatives.

Naming the Center
A $3 million gift to name the center will support an endowment to better equip the director and staff to sustainably help shape policies, programs, and practices that improve the overall well-being of families.

It started by answering a question.

In 1994, Purdue alumna Lorene Burkhart and a group of advocates worked to bring about change at Purdue – a multidisciplinary approach to identify and promote family strengths to address challenges families face. They created the Center to reach across the University and beyond, to build a community who share a common purpose and focus on families.

Their actions ensured the Center’s longevity for future generations. We are able to move quickly to support projects and initiatives that may not be possible otherwise.

Today, the Center continues to work to improve the quality of life for families in all their diverse forms. We seek opportunities. We foster collaboration. We recognize high-quality family research to inform and empower decision makers.