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Recognizing and celebrating the important work done within families every day, while continuing to enhance research, education, and resources.

26 Family Impact Seminars

brought nonpartisan evidence and strategies to legislators to help them find common ground on policy and programs that affect Hoosier families

What topic did legislators ask for research on in 1999?

650+ Thousand DOLLARS

funding provided directly to over 100 students and faculty at Purdue University, to support their study of families from a cross-disciplinary, life course perspective

Who is doing research at Purdue to support families?


identifying the best research about work and family, used to educate corporate practitioners responsible for programs, practices and policies that affect more than 4 million employees and their families

What research can companies rely on to help make decisions?



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Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes it possible for the center to be involved in innovative initiatives that impact individuals and families.

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It started with a simple question…

In 1994, Purdue alumna Lorene Burkhart and a group of advocates worked to bring about change at Purdue – an interdisciplinary approach to research about families. Not just a department, but a community. Their actions ensured the center’s longevity for future generations. We are able to pursue projects when grants aren’t possible. The Center for Families still creates a patchwork of projects that serve to improve the quality of life for families in all their diverse forms.

Families, in all their diverse forms, are the foundation of society. No culture has been able to provide anything better than the family for producing strong individuals for the journey of life.

—Dr. Donald Felker, Dean of College of Consumer and Family Science, 1987-1992