Indiana Family Impact Seminars

Reducing Poverty and Producing Prosperity in Indiana

#26, January 2024

Protecting New Hoosiers and their Parents

#25, November 2022

Growing the Labor Force in the Post-COVID Era

#24, December 2021

The Digital Divide: How Does it Divide Hoosiers?

#23, December 2020

Hoosiers and Homes: Housing Policies in Indiana

#22, November 2019

Our Double Epidemic: Hoosier Children Caught in the Opioid Crisis

#21, November 2018

Diversion Programs at the Intersection of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

#20, November 2017

The Future of Indiana: Reducing Risky Behavior of Our Youth

#19, November 2016

Rising Substance Abuse and Hoosier Families: What can Legislators Do?

#18, November 2015

Pre-K in Indiana:  Preparing our Children For Success

#17, November 2014

Now What? Implementing Health Care Reform in Indiana

#16, November 2013

The New Age of Health Care: Implications for Hoosier Families

#15, November 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

#14, November 2011

The Legacy of Literacy

#13, November 2010

Maximizing the Value of P-12 Educational Resources in Indiana

#12, November 2009

The Burden of the Unbanked in Indiana

#11, November 2008

Meeting the Challenge of Moving Youth into the Workforce: Reducing Dropouts and Increasing Educational Attainment

#10, November 2007

Financing Healthcare for Indiana Families

#9, November 2006

Gambling: What are the Odds for Indiana Families?

#8, November 2005

Growing Indiana’s Human Capital: Assuring Positive Futures for Youth

#7, January 2005

Ensuring the Economic Security of Indiana’s Children

#6, January 2004

The Effect of Changes in Tax Policy on Indiana Families

#5, January 2003

Ensuring the Health of Long-Term Care: Policy Options

#4, January 2002

Enhancing the Educational Experience: Policy Alternatives

#3, January 2001

Middle School Violence: Keeping Students Safe

#2, January 2000

Healthy Environments for Young Children

#1, February 1999

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