Bob L. and Joyce Beery Miles Research Enhancement Endowment

Why we give

We did not have the opportunity to do research as undergraduates at Purdue many years ago, and today we see this as a wonderful opportunity for students at Purdue to be able to work as undergraduates with will-known researchers. This added dimension to their college resume could mean the difference in acquiring the best job or not. It could open doors for acceptance into graduate school. In addition to internships and study abroad, this opportunity to engage in research needs to be more available on an ongoing basis.

Over the past several years, we supported “flow through” gifts to fund undergraduate training and involvement in research on families. We were encouraged by simple, positive results from these gifts, so we decided to make a commitment to endow the research enhancement endowment to ensure a permanent fund to guarantee this opportunity will continue for many years to come.

– Bob and Joyce Miles

A 150th celebration: Center for Families advocates Bob and Joyce Miles

Listen to Bob and Joyce Miles talk about their support of students, families and their anticipation of Purdue’s 150th celebration.